### Who am I and What do I do?

                                                                Hi, I'm Gaurav Dhingra, a student of Intgerated Msc.
                                                                Applied Mathematics at Indian Institute of Technology
                                                                Roorkee, India.

                                                                ### What social networking sites do I use?

                                                                I am active on Reddit(quite a karmawhore), twitter(I tweet rarely).

                                                                ### Which system do I use?

                                                                I use HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC initially with 4GB RAM
                                                                but now upgraded to 8GB RAM(happy with decision), intel
                                                                core i5 3rd gen processor. My laptop screen has a black
                                                                hole(hardware problem) on top center of screen,
                                                                initially with 500GB HDD now with 240GB Kingston SSD, I
                                                                have never till now filled more than 150GB space on my
                                                                storage drive.

                                                                ### Which browser do I use?
                                                                Firefox is my primary browser, sometimes lurking on to
                                                                use Chromium or when I don't care about inter net data
                                                                usage, I use Tor browser.

                                                                ### Which email client do I use?
                                                                I use thunderbird, which is a good email client
                                                                providing features like chat on google hangouts,
                                                                usage as an IRC client integrated into it. I prefer an
                                                                email client over web version of emails, since I can
                                                                read email even when I am offline. Though I am
                                                                disappointed to see the message "Thunderbird is no
                                                                longer funded by Mozilla".

                                                                ### Which email accounts do I use?

                                                                I currently use two gmail accounts and one protonmail
                                                                accounts. I may completely shift to using protonmail as
                                                                soon as the feature to integrate it with third parties
                                                                like thunderbird is provided.

                                                                ### Which operating system I use?

                                                                For the last 3 years, I have been a wanderer between
                                                                Ubuntu, Lubuntu, elementary OS, Linux Mint. Spending
                                                                most of my time with either Ubuntu or elementary
                                                                OS. This is how I see the used operating systems:
                                                                Ubuntu: A GNU/Linux distro with active community, quite
                                                                stable (prefer LTS versions). Every problem that you
                                                                may have regarding to it, may have probably been
                                                                already asked on (https://askubuntu.com). Though other
                                                                distros may have their own forums to ask questions, but
                                                                askubuntu is probably more active then them.

                                                                elementary OS: I sticked with this OS, since my RAM
                                                                usage on ubuntu (initially with 4GB RAM) didn't return
                                                                good result and eOS seemed a really good choice, to be
                                                                true I was spellbound with how good this OS ran on my

                                                                All in all I have only stuck with Ubuntu or Ubuntu
                                                                based OS.
                                                                I prefer 14.04.5 LTS distro over 16.04 LTS.

                                                                ### Which editor do I use to write/edit programs/files?
                                                                Short answer: Vim