Where are those "ohk's"

Receiving those "ohk's" was a sign of her, a feeling of her but
not went away for quite sometime (about 1/10th of time). Now those
ohk did return a few days back and received an "ohk". But now even
not receiving those "ohk's" and simply receiving "ok" still reminds
of her.

Perhaps it doesn't feel like before, not like before. May be because
time has changed. But now that is what it is.

Could the see the sadness in her eyes. Know the reason but can't do
nothing. Now it feels like its time to be completely detached from
both, but don't know what to do.

I feel happy for her being single now. But may be I shouldn't be. Then
I feel my "break-up" and realize it is better she gets back to her
initial state.

Feels like everybody is turning anti-science, everybody flowing in the
direction of money. Everyone is really.

May be we will find a direction a good one :) , thinking of piano
gives that feeling.

I saw his photographs a few days back, perhaps some were really good.
They show the time spent with the friends/relatives. When someone
shows you those, you feel like they don't care much about posting
them on facebook/instagram. The "Savages of life".

People are more happy posting their photos on facebook, but not
showing them when I ask for them.

Waiting for Tin-Tin(तीन तीन).